As customers are always trying to stretch their IT Budget, most do not realize the resources they have at their fingertips.

TSL offers programs to our Customers to take their existing excess equipment and provide a best yield repair service of their non-working equipment or provide a final test and break down of the units for parts to increase their spare pool to keep on hand for future support.

TSL can also provide remarketing programs of used equipment. TSL will receive the inventory from the customer, provide repair, testing, cleaning and provide warranty programs for the units sold and share the revenue of the products once they are sold back to the customer in the form of a check, credit towards repair and other services or donate the proceeds to their stated charity. 

End of Life Programs

  • Equipment Audited and Serialized
  • Component Harvest and Restock/Redeployment

Remarketing Programs

  • Revenue Sharing
  • Donations to charities 

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