TSL’s IT Asset Disposition and Data Destruction Service provides a tailored approach to maximize customer financial objectives while ensuring destruction of all resident data in a fully compliant manner.

TSL ensures that all devices on your inventory list are received, and provide you a report of all discrepancies encountered. Each device is disassembled and critical internal components are destroyed. All applications, customer information and security keys are permanently disabled. The device components are properly recycled, including any hazardous materials contained in the circuitry. At the end of the process, you receive a comprehensive report that lists all items which were disposed, and a Certificate of Recycling.

TSL understands the challenges associated with Asset Disposal and provides services that meet EPA and PCI compliance standards while helping retailers yield maximum value for their assets.

TSL’s Asset Disposal solution provides:

  • Minimization of data security risks with complete with DOD compliant hard drive shredding solutions
  • A Disposal Waiver and Certificate of Liability that guarantees all parts of the equipment are recycled to EPA standards


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